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June 14, 2012 at 10:12 PM EDT

I’m gonna make him an offer for Marvin Gardens he can’t refuse!

USAopoly, Hasbro, and Paramount have introduced a new version of Monopoly based on The Godfather, no doubt to appease fans who have always felt that the classic board game had too many thimbles and not enough severed horse heads.

The game features recognizable locales from the Godfather trilogy like Joe’s Diner and the Corleone Lake Tahoe estate, as well as “Friends” and “Enemies” cards that align players with specific Mob families, escalating the board game drama beyond illegal parking and paying utility bills.

The best part is that the new edition is already available in specialty stores and online, so if you’re schvitzing with anticipation to conquer the Mafia scene of 1950s New York, then you can grab your own set today on this, the day my daughter passes “Go.”

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