By Lanford Beard
June 14, 2012 at 02:18 PM EDT

Girls star Lena Dunham made her Late Night With Jimmy Fallon debut last night and immediately word-vomited about her high school obsession with Fallon. From keeping a signed napkin to savoring a chance encounter at a party, girl had it bad. It was obvious this confession wasn’t Dunham thinking, “Hey, this will be a hilarious story to tell on TV!” so much as a compulsive purging of her deepest truths. (No judgment, girl, we’ve all been there.)

But the best detail of all was the Freaky Friday-inspired play Dunham told Fallon she wrote about the two of them. Get the full story below.

All right, PopWatchers. Now that you know you’re not alone, spill. Which celebrities were the subject of your crazy love poems and/or body-switching plays back in the day?

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