By Dan Snierson
June 13, 2012 at 08:23 PM EDT
Comedy Central

Workaholics fans, it’s time to get keyed up: Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys will show off their acting chops — and rock some ponytails — on the June 19th episode of Comedy Central’s slacker series. The two guys are playing dirtbags who are involved in a case in small claims court, where Adam (Adam DeVine), Ders (Anders Holm) and Blake (Blake Anderson) are suing co-worker Montez (Erik Griffin) for selling them a shoddy hovercraft. Take a deep breath and soak in their extended-mane glory in the accompanying photos.

DeVine, who facilitated the guest spot, was stoked that the duo expressed interest in appearing on their show. “When I found out they were big fans of Workaholics, my f—ing eardrums exploded because I was so excited,’ he says. “I presented at the Spike Video Game awards, and they were there performing, so I just waited off the side of the stage for them to come off. They were like, ‘Oh my god, Workaholics!’ and I was like ‘Ahhhhh! It’s the Black Keys!!!’ Like a little girl.  Toward the end of the night, Dan was like, ‘If you ever need a little cameo, we want to do whatever. We will be hot dog vendors.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m going to hold you to that.’ And he’s like, ‘Totally. If you ever want to come a show or if you ever want to come kick it on tour, that’d be awesome.’ I’ve lived up to my end of the bargain so I’m waiting for him to live up to his.”

Apparently Auerbach and Carney acquitted themselves nicely in court. “When they came on set, they had jokes, they were down to try everything, and they had really good comedic timing with each other,” reports DeVine. “It was just like how we work: We’re best friends and that’s why we work so well with each other; those two are best friends and that’s why they work so well with each other. (While the duo’s screen time in the episode is fleeting, a series of outtakes — including an argument about the lengths of their ponytails — will likely be featured on the season 3 DVD.)

So, does DeVine think that the Black Keys have a future in comedy? “It’s much cooler to be rock stars,” he says. “If I were them, I’d probably just continue being two of the biggest rock stars on the planet instead of trying to get their own basic cable television show… Don’t step on my s—, Black Keys!”

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