By Anthony Breznican
Updated June 13, 2012 at 01:06 PM EDT

Last week, we got a heaping helping of the bad ‘ol days with the first trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s slavery-era western Django Unchained, and now a new international trailer is giving us a look at new footage from the vengeance saga, which opens this Christmas.

We only get a glimpse, but it’s the first time we see the house slave played by Samuel L. Jackson — a Tarantino mainstay — who might be unrecognizable if not for the title credit.

Jackson always creates a unique look for his Tarantino characters, and this time around he is downright Uncle Ben-esque. (And we don’t mean the with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility one from Spider-Man.)

Maybe it’s coincidence, but I wouldn’t put it past the actor or the director’s mordant senses of humor to take a shot at at the longtime politically incorrect logo, especially for this character — who has made his share of compromises to survive.

Here are some more observations on the new footage.

— I love that Christoph Waltz looks up at the giant, wobbling tooth on his wagon when asked by the slavedrivers what kind of doctor he is. “Dentist?” he says, with an audible question mark. Either he’s having a bit of fun at the not-so-astute nature of these gentlemen, or is he new to this identity himself and in need of reminding?

— Waltz’s Dr. King Schultz shows a far more bloodthirsty side here, while he came off as a reluctantly violent gentleman in the first trailer. This time, we see a man begging for his life (“Please, no!”) before Schultz kills him in cold blood.

— It’s certainly just a stylistic choice, but at as Django and Dr. King emerge on horseback… what makes those double barn doors fly open?

As we suspected, those figures glimpsed grappling on the ground before Leonardo DiCaprio’s sadistic plantation owner are indeed two muscular male slaves fighting to the death. This time we see the brawl in all its ugly detail.

— A funny moment between Jame Foxx’s Django — undercover in a hysterical blue valet’s uniform — and a weary female slave who doubts his story about being a free man in pursuit of justice because, well, what free man would voluntarily wear that get-up?

— There’s a different angle on DiCaprio’s line: “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.” (In the final edit, I hope QT sticks with the devilish quality to the close-up seen in the last trailer.)

— Still not much of Kerry Washington as Django’s sold-off wife, but here’s hoping future trailers show us a little more of her character. Nonetheless, that shot of her bathing in a warm spring with snow all around the banks is an elegant and beautiful one. I wonder if it’s real, or something Django merely imagines.

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