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June 13, 2012 at 10:56 PM EDT

The synth-heavy theme music for 1981 British film Chariots of Fire shall forever be associated with cheesy majestic slo-mo running, so it’s no surprise the tune is getting some mileage in advance of the 2012 Olympics. It’s been used in Olympics-themed ads from The Sun, to accompany the first runners in the new Olympic Park and earlier this year at London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks show.

Now the iconic scene has been recreated as part of the Olympic torch relay. On Wednesday, the torch was in Scotland, held aloft by 13-year-old Joseph Forrester, who led 20 other schoolchildren along the shores of West Sands Beach. Check out a photo of the movie re-enactment moment below:

Andrew Milligan/AP

The torch relay, which traditionally criss-crosses the globe, has remained solely in the U.K. this year. Today marked day 26 of the relay.

Okay, so British film about British Olympians – check. Now time for the no-brainer, Olympics organizers (that means you, Danny Boyle): Recruit Scotland native David Tennant to carry the torch like he did in a Doctor Who episode that took place at the 2012 Olympics. One Doctor is not enough for this celebration of all things British globe-uniting athleticism.

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