On General Hospital, things have been heating up between longtime friends Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) — each formerly half of two different super couples — for months. This Thursday all that simmering affection finally boils over into full-blown romance when the two share a passionate kiss.

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There was a time, decades ago, when it was Luke and Laura (Genie Francis) and Anna and Robert (Tristan Rogers). But while those romances have long since died down, Luke has comforted Anna over the past few months after the (supposed) death of her daughter Robin, even giving her a place to stay. They may not share the same esteem for the law — Anna is the newly minted police chief and Luke is a known smuggler and gambler — but they do share a hotel suite. And now, also some blossoming feelings. Wonder what will happen when she finds out that Luke lied to Robert and sent him off on a wild goose chase for a son he doesn't have.

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