Ill Have Another
Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I’ll Have Another was expected to compete for the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes on June 9. But his trainer pulled the horse from the race after an early-morning exercise at the track on June 8.

Without I’ll Have Another, many casual horse-racing fans won’t have a reason to watch the Belmont this weekend. Luckily, we’re here to suggest alternative programming, now that you’ll need your feel-good horse story fix.


Even though I’ll Have Another won’t win the Triple Crown, you can watch the journey of a horse that did.


In this Depression-era story, a blind-in-one-eye jockey rides an undersize, nearly lame horse to victory.

My Friend Flicka

A ranch owner’s daughter tames a wild horse in an effort to prove to her father she can run the family business.

War Horse

Think of this as Homeward Bound, but with a horse in the middle of World War I.

National Velvet

A young Elizabeth Taylor enlists Mickey Rooney — a crotchety former jockey — to help guide her horse to England’s Grand National Sweepstakes.

The Black Stallion

You can have another Mickey Rooney movie. This time he plays a trainer who works with a young boy and his wild stallion to challenge America’s fastest horses in a race.

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