Praise for Channing Tatum's pecks, Colleen Atwood's style, and more

Channing Tatum Unwrapped
Wow, EW. Not only a gorgeous cover shot of Channing Tatum undressing but an interactive cover with more hot guys inside? I’m gonna need to request some extra copies of this edition for my nieces, who are 16 and 17. I may be 39, but Channing’s still some eye candy I don’t have to share.
Elizabeth Mills


I have been looking forward to Magic Mike for months. Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey when you have four of the sexiest men in Hollywood basically naked all in one film?
Danielle Daversa

Levittown, N.Y.

I am not joking when I say that I was stunned into a brainless pool of mush after seeing this covered issue. First this issue, then a season of True Blood — I don’t know if my nervous system can handle the overload.
Jessie Grahn

Delavan, Wis.

Designing Women
I actually did a double take when I saw that Snow White and the Huntsman costume designer Colleen Atwood was the subject of a full feature story, ”Killer Looks.” What a delightful surprise to see Entertainment Weekly devote to much attention and space to her efforts.
Jay Bobbin

Queensbury, N.Y.

Your magazine is a treasure trove for those of us who love pop culture minus the side dish of sleaze. So when I read that you plan to cover ”influential costume, makeup, and production designers at work,” well … let me say you can consider me resubscribed for life! Add film music composers and editors to the list, and you’ll make this loyal reader extremely happy.
Giselle Balido

Managing editor Jess Cagle responds: Thanks for the nice note, and I’m glad you’re as excited as we are. Check out the stories in this issue on the clothing featured in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer (News and Notes) and the hairstyles in Rock of Ages (Movies). Oh, and thanks for resubmitting for life!

Grumpy Old Men
In his book, Billy Bob Thornton gripes that people need to switch off the TV and go see movies again (Books). I think what needs to happen is that Hollywood has to stop making remakes and movies based on kids’ games that were popular years ago. Make quality movies and offer a reasonable ticket price, and maybe folks who are staying at home to watch TV will ho to the theater again.
Lynn Gagne

San Diego

Fair Game
Hey, players do not ”move imaginary boats around a simple grid” as you described in your Battleship review (Movies). Instead, each player secretly places boats on a grid before the action begins. Then players call out a grid point. If they score a ”hit,” they damage or sink the opponent’s boat.
C. Timothy Lashlee
Long Beach, Calif.

The editors respond: Wait a minute — you’re not supposed to move the boats during the game? That must be why we always win!


We misstated that Eva Amurri-Martino got Adam Sandler to cast her mother, Susan Sarandon, in That’s My Boy (Summer Movie Breakouts, 1209/1210). The idea originated with Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison.

Hunks With Hairy Chests
Polished pecs are fine, says one of our readers, but she longs for the unwaxed look of years gone by.
While the men on the cover and foldout of this issue are good-looking enough, I grew up in a time when a real man — Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Tom Selleck — didn’t wax the hair off their chests. I miss that.
Sandy Germano