The Killers last released a new album in 2008, when they dropped the woefully underrated Day & Age. (Seriously, go listen to “A Dustland Fairytale” again, and make sure you play itincredibly loud.)

The band took some time off, and frontman Brandon Flowers put out a solo album (which also rules—please cue “Only the Young”), but now they’re back with a new album called Battleborn. The group even delivered a trailer for the album, which is both somewhat silly and phenomenally inspired. Watch it below:

There’s an awful lot of wonderfulness happening in that 98 seconds, if not any particular sense of what the album might sound like — though if the wobbly synth soundtrack on the trailer is any indication, the Killers are now taking their inspiration from classic ’80s movie montage hits.

Then there’s that awesome logo, which suggests that they four members of the band are going to form some kind of super intergalactic fighting robot. Or will they each draw their power from a particular dinosaur and fight monsters with broad martial arts?

And then, of course, there’s the fire. Who doesn’t love fire?

Seriously though, that’s a tremendous teaser for what should be a very interesting entry into the fall music slate. Battleborn doesn’t have a formal release date yet, but the Killers will be playing a handful of festivals over the course of the summer (including a headlining spot at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware in July), so we should be hearing new cuts from the album shortly.

Did the trailer get you excited for the album? What do you think the new Killers record is going to sound like? And shouldn’t Flowers have recorded a cover of Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze Of Glory“?


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