Phillip Phillips
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EW has confirmed that American Idol winner Phillip Phillips underwent a six and a half hour surgery yesterday to remove several kidney stones, which TMZ (who first reported the news) says “were so huge there was no chance he could’ve passed them on his own.”

Phillips’ longtime kidney issues plagued his run on Idol, causing him excruciating pain and preventing him from participating in various Idol duties, like the weekly Ford music video shoots.

“The surgery went well,” says a source close to the show. “He’s doing well and looking forward to starting the Idol tour in July.” (The Idols Live tour kicks off July 6 in Detroit.)

The surgery is the latest beat in a medical drama that’s been brewing for months.

In March, Phillips, who suffers a congenital kidney condition, underwent a surgical procedure to have a stent implanted into his kidney to prevent blockage — thereby assuring he could remain a competing contestant. In April, Phillips’ father, Donnie, told Albany Uncovered that “contestants are getting very little sleep and it’s starting to take a toll on Phillip, especially when combined with his ongoing kidney stone issues.” Phillips’ mother, Sheryl, went on to request prayers for her son on Facebook:

Phillips was reportedly scheduled to go under the knife last week, but due to a fever and sinus infection, the surgery had to be delayed. (Geez, the guy just can’t catch a break health-wise, can he?)

Our get-well-soon wishes go out to Phillip; he’s got a whole lot of fans hoping to hear him sing again soon.

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