By Annie Barrett
Updated June 06, 2012 at 08:52 PM EDT

I hope you’re not hurting yourself! A new study (DON’T FALL ASLEEP) suggests that social activity surrounding broadcast prime-time this April topped its level a year earlier by 194 percent. That means a whole lotta people were heading over to The Voice‘s “Sprint Lounge with Christina Milian” instead of heading over to the fridge for a snack.

You can read more about the numbers here, but I’m interested in reactions from those of you who never use social media at all. All spring, I sat through musical guest hashtags (#CarrieOnIdol) and enormous Twitter prompts for the contestants in the giant Idol oval behind the contestants. Dancing With the Stars — a show you’d never think would latch onto social media considering it takes place in the 1970s — introduced a fan-commentary Twitter box at the bottom of the screen. (The social media pop-ups have mysteriously been wiped from the full episodes on, but this memorable on-screen fan submission was my reluctant fave/the most jarring.)

Clearly these constant on-screen prompts are making social media-savvy viewers engage more than they used to during the shows. But if you still don’t know what Twitter is and don’t care to find out, do the social media prompts detract from the show for you? Or do you find that you can easily ignore them?

More likely than not, I’ll be one of the silly social media heads tweeting up a storm during a show I’m recapping. But when I’m watching something for pleasure (not on assignment, a rarity), I’d rather just see a simple hashtag with the show’s title in a bottom corner of the screen — if anything at all.

Here are the 10 current shows enjoying the biggest social media bumps as compared to this month last year:

Well done, Howard Stern!

No surprise: They’re mostly reality series. Not only are younger audiences more likely to “check in” and let their friends know they’re watching something, but I’d imagine they’re less likely to be annoyed when a reminder pops up for Kris Jenner’s “Honorary Kardashian Contest” via Facebook. Those krazies will even stage rap music videos on their vacation yachts so that their adoring followers have something to watch on YouTube when the show’s a rerun. That’s so social! (But don’t step anywhere near that boat.)

Which TV shows have you the most engaged via social media? Do the on-screen hashtags and “follow us on Facebook” prompts annoy or amuse you?

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