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Don’t be surprised if a line for The Dark Knight Rises has already formed at your local movie theater. The movie may not be out yet, but a sweeping new montage debuted at this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards upped the fan hype for the upcoming trilogy-ender.

“I think Bruce Wayne’s story is one of the great stories,” director Christopher Nolan — with Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Gary Oldman on hand — said before presenting the new clip, much of which featured never-before-seen footage.

The Catwoman-heavy clip begins with Anne Hathaway telling Gordon-Levitt, “A girl’s gotta eat.” This sets off a gloomy chain of events in Gotham: financial systems melting, twin bridges collapsing, villains villain-ing. And, of course, there was the chief baddie, Bane, looking more menacing and (and intelligible!) than ever. “Let the games begin!” he shouted, echoing Effie Trinket.

Yet it seems the odds are not in Bale’s favor: Batman himself showed up only a couple of times in the montage, while the uncostumed Bruce Wayne remained absent from it altogether. Furthermore, Bane is seen holding the Caped Crusader’s mask, broken. But there are flashes of hope for Wayne: the clip also included shots his Batpod and The Bat, two fancy vehicles that will surely result in some stellar action sequences.

In other words, the movie looks to be the chilling, overcast event you hoped it’d be. You can check out the clip for yourself in the video below:


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