If you’re (a) in the New York area, (b) in possession of a moderate amount of disposable income and (c) familiar with the feeling of laughter, you should know about James Corden’s star-making performance in One Man, Two Guvnors, arguably the funniest show running on Broadway that doesn’t have to do with Mormons.

“It’s like Shakespeare but with more falling over,” says Corden, the hilarious glutton at the center of the Tony Award-nominated farce. EW got an exclusive look behind the scenes at a new television spot for the play, which renders a riotous portrait of a plaid-vested buffoon who finds himself simultaneously employed by two outlandish bosses whose complicated links to one another make for a wild two hours at the theater. On and off stage, Tony nominee Corden is a comedic gem, as you can glean by taking a peek below at the man behind One Man:

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