By Annie Barrett
Updated May 31, 2012 at 05:03 AM EDT

He is also the Nestor Carbonell of “natural eye shadow.”

I tuned in to CBS’ premiere of Dogs in the City — not because I have a great affection for dogs, but because 1) it’s a new series so why not; 2) I assumed it might be about four single and lllllllovin’ it! dogs gabbing about sex over brunch all the time; 3) I wondered if someone named “Justin Silver” would exhibit similar qualities to David Silver.

Turns out this is not the summer trainwreck I was hoping for — but don’t worry, The Choice is just around the corner! We can drag our dogs up to it soon enough.

Dogs in the City follows “dog guru” Silver around NYC as he trains humans to be better dog owners. Some of the humans are hopeless. “Are you counting bites or blood bites?” asked a woman who allowed her aggressive dog Charlotte to attack everyone who entered her office. Patrick, owner of celebrity canine Beefy the Skateboarding Dog (he’s not even the famous one), had his heart in the right place, but admitted he “had to find the place in my mind to know that Beefy’s a dog” after his wife Erin, the “third wheel” in their household, begged Silver for help. The cop and his daughter, owners of obese dog Rosie, were freaking adorable. They were actually under-feeding that beast and hadn’t considered that maybe she was so large and in charge because she ate everything she found or was given on the street.

Don’t we all? The show was definitely more about human behavior than dogs, which was fine by me. It lagged in sections, but the biggest marvel by far was Justin Silver! He’s kind and straightforward — with a cute Brooklyn accent to boot — and not afraid to call the owners out on their warped perspective. “It’s cool that he does this,” Silver enthused re: Beefy the skateboarding dog. “It’s not cool that he doesn’t walk, though.” Preach! And just when I was wondering if Justin Silver had attended wizarding school, he assured us, “It’s not that I’m magical; it’s that I know how to handle a dog.”

Basically this guy is REALLY good at his job and has a Keanu Reeves-y look and ended up getting a reality show because of that. He’s definitely not a shameless fame-seeker. How sad that this is a compliment of the highest order these days!

If I ever watch this again, I’ll want more moments like the one pictured: Justin Silver engaged in a devastatingly earnest one-on-one conversation with a dog. In fact, if the whole show was this scenario, I’d absolutely watch again. “You think I don’t know what it’s like to have a codependent mother?” the dog guru wondered out loud. Nice. Let’s hear more about that.

Do you like Justin Silver as much as I do? Do you like him more than David Silver?

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