By Annie Barrett
May 30, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

I know he’s busy (or busy relaxing) and probably can’t. But he’s so wonderful! The Modern Family actor, who’d guest-judged last season to rave reviews, took a seat beside Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe to charm us again on tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance.

He’s not well-versed in dancing, but TV’s Mitchell Pritchett had tons of commentary regarding pure performance value — which is really at least half the battle on any televised competition. Ferguson (it feels weird to call him that) remarked on martial arts master Cole Horibe’s “intense and amazing” eyes and “major presence,” noticed Sam Lenarz’s “simmering sadness that came from underneath you in a beautiful way,” and even compared Cirque du Soleil dancer Eliana Girard to season 8 winner Melanie Moore — “she could draw you in just by being.”

It may go without saying that Jesse Tyler Ferguson was also hilarious. I loved when he called Caley Carr “such a cliche — a mustache, you surf, and you tap. Ugggggh, I’m so bored,” and delighted in his description of Johnny Wack: “If Lenny Kravitz was a Russian nesting doll.”

But ultimately what JTF provided was the perspective of a fan. It was so rewarding to hear someone say exactly what we non-dance-expert viewers were thinking about the Los Angeles auditions. On twin brothers Nick and James (“Ninja”): “It’s as if it’s rehearsed, it’s so good.” On Megan Branch, the 18-year-old whose cheekbones make up half her body weight: “You’re SO gorgeous. I just kept looking at your face.” On Jasmine Mason: “That HAIR.”

His best moment of all was when Jesse sang Nigel’s name in response to a contestant and pronounced it “Lithgow.” (I’m choosing to ignore the moment at which JTF stuffed dollar bills into Jonathan Anzalone’s waistband because I thought that kid was way too obnoxious, even the second time around.)

Or let’s just make him the head judge already — I doubt Jesse Tyler Ferguson would recommend that the girls approach the stage with their shirts off, or tell a contestant “You should be shot!”

Would you love to see more of Jesse on So You Think You Can Dance too?

Stay tuned for EW’s full episode recap later on.

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