Copyeditors have it rough. They spend countless hours examining minutia — but nobody acknowledges their work unless they make a mistake. So I feel for whoever was responsible for checking over Mitt Romney’s “With Mitt” iPhone app, which lets users customize photos with a variety of pro-Romney messages.

The majority of these messages — “I’m a Mom for Mitt,” “Obama Isn’t Working,” “American Greatness” — are unobjectionable, at least for members of the GOP. But one of them misspells “America” as “Amercia.” And even though tons of media outlets have already pointed out the blooper, as of 12:30 (when I downloaded the app), it still hadn’t been corrected.

“Amercia,” of course, is catnip to Internet mischief makers. Before the mistake was widely publicized, a Tumblr called Amercia Is With Mitt! had already begun posting goofy images of car crashes, dictionaries, and other misspelled words, all overlaid with the app’s now infamous message. Even the site’s misspelled subsections (“Acrhive,” “Sreach”) are in on the joke. Twitter users are also taking the typo and running with it. My favorite response comes from Time Out Chicago editor-in-chief Frank Sennett: “I hear Mitt’s updating that misspelled Amercia on his app. He’s just going with Untied States now.”

At this point, all the Romney campaign can do is wait to see what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have to say about the gaffe — and hope that Obama’s crew makes a similarly embarrassing goof. (Does sounding like a stalker count?)

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