By Erin Strecker
Updated May 30, 2012 at 05:56 PM EDT

First lady Michelle Obama may have been on The Daily Show last night to talk about her new book on healthy eating and vegetables, but Jon Stewart only wanted to talk about the other green stuff — namely, the president’s former drug use, which has resurfaced in the news recently.

In the two-segment interview, the first lady was charming, but stayed on message, touting the president’s record with health care, childhood education, and ending the war in Iraq.

Watch part one of the interview, where Obama discusses the famed White House Garden and “vegetable feasts” below:

In the more relaxed second segment, The first lady discusses her own high approval rating, whether she lets her kids hang out with Joe Biden, and the president’s “turnaround,” which came far before he met her, when he was still a college undergrad. After Stewart joked with her that “that turnaround [that George W. Bush and Barack Obama had]” is the part he related to, the first lady jokingly tried to get done with the topic, laughing and saying, “I’m not taking any bait.”Watch part two below:

Ending the chat, Stewart said: “Don’t worry. You did very well. I see what this man [President Obama] sees in you.”Read more: