In a few weeks, Jimmy Fallon will release his new comedy album Blow Your Pants Off. It’s his first release since his 2002 debut The Bathroom Wall, though it’s fair to say that Fallon has had other things to distract him in the past decade, including an attempt at movie stardom and a show designed to keep ?uestlove waist-deep in hair-pick money for years to come.

Fallon’s first album, filled with stand-up bits and enough musically competent comedy tunes to land him on the cover of Spin, featured the single “Idiot Boyfriend” — a nifty little funk jam with some reasonable punchlines (even if the bit about using cell phones for “long distance” sounds hilariously dated in 2012).

The Music Mix braintrust recently rediscovered the official video for “Idiot Boyfriend,” and who did we find playing Fallon’s love interest? It’s a pre-fame Zooey Deschanel, rocking a platinum mane with no bangs (at some angles, she literally appears to have an entirely different head; New Girl indeed).

By 2002, Deschanel had already done attention-grabbing bits in Almost Famous and The Good Girl, but was still waiting for her big indie breakout (which came in David Gordon Greene’s 2003 drama All the Real Girls) and her mainstream coming-out party in Will Ferrell’s Elf.

Check out the video below, and contemplate a simpler time before (500) Days of Summer, “Tebowie,” and this almost completely incoherent interview. Happy Memorial Day!