By Ken Tucker
Updated May 28, 2012 at 02:38 PM EDT

Girls, how much do I love you? Let me count the ways.

1. Most of the characters dance even worse than I do. This is thoroughly endearing, especially when Hannah gyrates as though she might know more moves, but is too enthused to both to try and remember them.

2. The series suggested last night that Brooklyn parties are almost always difficult to find; some things never change.

3. Adam, in a shirt, at the party, surprising Hannah with, well, everything. The fact that he was there. That he was dancing like a mad-man (during the airing of an actual episode of Mad Men). That he’s in AA and it is (according to a friend who accidentally-casually destroys his anonymity), the program is “the main defining thing about him.”

4. Hannah came in for blistering criticism by Adam when she expressed dismay at not knowing Adam not telling her he is in AA. “You never asked me anything!” he bellowed. “You don’t want to know me … You want to come over in the middle of the night and have me f— the dog s— out of you and then write about it in your journal!” Yuck, and wrong, Adam, but way to rage! One of the wonderful things about Girls is that, unlike almost any other show, this was not a, “see, Hannah deserved that, I now view Hannah in a different light because of the wisdom Adam spoke” moment. No: Adam’s rant was actually utterly self-serving. He is a withholding, controlling, if just charming- and chiseled-enough jerk to make their dented relationship believable. But he’s wrong that Hannah never asks him about himself, that she just prattles on about herself. She doesn’t. Go back and look. I loved Adam’s vehemence. I loved that he was wrong. He needs to do another Fourth Step.

5. Marnie becoming so unjustifiably outraged at Charlie’s new girlfriend, who in turn knew just the right insult to toss at impeccable Marnie: “Are you one of those Real Housewives?” This was like a perfect bank-shot of comedy.

6. Jeff showing up at the party to woo Jessa in his desperate middle-aged-crazy way. (Bonus points for dancing worst of all, gutsy James LeGros.) Followed by Jeff getting smacked by “crusty punks.”

7. Shoshanna accidentally smoking crack, thus allowing Angry Ray to show his humane side, or at least his “crack spirit guide” side.

8. Angry Ray to Jessa re her feathery party outfit: “Does everyone in the Age of Innocence Fan Club get one of these?”

9. “Your voice sounds like a bag of dying babies.”

10. “Enjoy going through life as yourself.”

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