By Grady Smith
Updated May 27, 2012 at 05:27 PM EDT
Credit: Wilson Webb
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Sony’s $230 million alien-zapping sequel Men In Black 3 topped the box office over the three-day weekend frame with an estimated $55 million.

Although the Will Smith action-comedy didn’t exactly trip out of the gate, Men In Black 3‘s start is troubling considering its gigantic budget and supposed built-in audience. Fortunately, as is so often the case these days, international results proved stronger. Sony says the film has taken in $132 million overseas in its initial week of release.

Marvel’s The Avengers held strong in second place with $37 million — a 34 percent drop from last weekend. The superhero ensemble crossed the $500 million mark on Saturday, its 23rd day of release, effectively smashing the record previously held by Avatar, which took 32 days to reach the same milestone. It’s earned $513.7 million total.

Last weekend’s openers Battleship and The Dictator took up the next two spots on the chart. Battleship plummeted 58 percent (on a holiday weekend no less!) to $10.8 million, giving it a 10-day total of $44.3 million against a $209 million budget. The Dictator, meanwhile, dropped by a more modest (but still not that great) 45 percent to $9.6 million, resulting in a $41.4 million 12-day total.

Rounding out the Top 5, the Oren Peli-produced horror horror flick Chernobyl Diaries couldn’t achieve Paranormal Activity-sized numbers. Chernobyl earned a weak $8 million in three days — with $3.5 million of that coming from Friday alone (a sure sign of frontloadedness).

1. Men In Black 3 — $55.0 million

2. The Avengers — $37.0 million

3. Battleship – $10.8 million

4. The Dictator — $9.6 million

5. Chernobyl Diaries — $8.0 million

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