David Schwimmer is the latest ''Friend'' to guest star on Lisa Kudrow's ''Web Therapy''

By Nuzhat Naoreen
Updated May 25, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Lisa Kudrow has already hosted one of her famous Friends on the Showtime comedy series Web Therapy (former costar Courteney Cox dropped in for an episode last year), and now she’s gearing up for another. David Schwimmer is joining the cast for a four-episode arc in season 2 (premiering July 2), as the son of Fiona’s (Kudrow) college professor, whose life spiraled out of control after he witnessed a scandalous moment between Fiona and his father. ”He first appears online [for a talk with Fiona] and he knows exactly who she is and is really put off that she doesn’t remember who he is,” explains Kudrow, who teases that Schwimmer’s character will have some terrific emotional breakdowns before Fiona finally makes the connection. Unlike her onscreen persona, Kudrow didn’t need any time reconnecting with her longtime castmate. ”It was just natural and normal to be looking at David Schwimmer’s face,” she says. ”It didn’t matter that we were playing different people.” The familiarity even sparked a Friends flashback when she couldn’t remember a line on set. Says Kudrow, ”For a moment I thought, ‘Wait, what does Phoebe say next to Ross?”’