By Hillary Busis
Updated May 24, 2012 at 03:00 PM EDT
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I Love the '90s

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Will Smith might be the world’s most energetic man. On the red — er, black — carpet at last night’s Men in Black 3 premiere, he exuberantly spoke with each reporter even as his publicist tried her best to move him down the line. But even a super-human movie star has limits — Smith told EW that though he really wanted to write MIB 3‘s theme song, he worried that the extra responsibility would be “too much.” We pointed out that he did at least get the chance to perform the Fresh Prince rap on Graham Norton last weekend, and Smith responded with a booming laugh. “Yo, it is amazing how many people know that dag-gone Fresh Prince theme song around the world,” he said, adding that he doesn’t often find himself busting out the catchy tune: “I don’t just be around the house rapping it.”

The premiere’s afterparty suggested otherwise. Around 11 p.m., Smith himself took the stage on the top deck of Manhattan’s Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and gamely supported his son, Jaden, while Smith the Younger performed a few of his own raps. (Willow stopped by to say “hello” as well.) Then the Independence Day star grabbed the mic and started performing a few of his old hits, including “Summertime” and the original Men in Black theme song. Smith also informed a cheering throng that the next tune was for his true fans — before, yes, launching into the theme from Fresh Prince. The man knows his audience. Oh, and to make things even more nostalgic, DJ Jazzy Jeff was on hand to back Smith during each song.

Watching the crowd lap up Smith’s (and Jazz’s!) performance made it clear that he could easily launch a concert tour if he wanted. Even though the Oscar nominee is now better known as an actor than as a rapper, his ’90s singles hold up remarkably well — check out the video below, and you’ll find that “Summertime” still works as a warm-weather jam.

Now all we need is footage of Smith bringing back “Wild Wild West.” I’ve got a feeling that the men of Dru Hill might be available.

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I Love the '90s

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