Sigma Elijah Wood

The tenth season of animated sci-fi-action-comedy series Red vs. Blue debuts on on May 28, and co-director Burnie Burns promises the run of shows will be marked by a level of quality routinely lacking in the soldiery skills of its bickering future-warriors. “We thought, ‘We’re hitting ten seasons, we should definitely pull out all the stops,'” says Burns, who also voices the characters Church and Alpha on the video game-inspired show. “We’re wrapping up a lot of the stories, paying off a lot of things. We’re taking the series up a level or two and trying to make it as big and as bada– as we possibly can. We’re just making sure that the action scenes are as over the top and as awesome as they possibly can be.”

The new season will also feature Elijah Wood. The Lord of the Rings star voices the villainous artificial intelligence program Sigma, whose image you can see above and, in larger form, below. “He is a friend of a friend,” explains Burns. “We asked him if he wanted to have a cameo where he would play a marine who had one line and then got shot and killed, because that’s usually the way our cameos work. He was on-board and then we said, ‘Listen, would you be interested in playing the villain?’ So I got the special treat of sitting in a recording studio and watching Elijah Wood record lines. I got to have my ultimate nerd moment and sit there across from the man who’s played Frodo and watch him read lines.”

You can exclusively check out the (foul-mouthed) teaser trailer for season 10 of Red vs. Blue below. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

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