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Updated May 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched tonight’s season finale of Modern Family and want to stay in the dark, shoo! If you tuned in, keep on readin’.

Though it was teased all season, and they came thisclose tonight, Mitch and Cam didn’t get their baby. But that doesn’t mean a newborn isn’t on the way because…Gloria is pregnant! Like she said, turns out it wasn’t motion sickness after all.

Did Gloria’s revelation ease the heartbreaking burn of watching Mitch break down over another failed attempt at adoption? No, not really. While I’m jumping for joy at the mere thought of seeing a pregnant Gloria attempt to waddle around in her skintight dresses and heels, I’m still upset that Mitch and Cam feel like they’re coming to the end of their adoption rope.

Aside from the baby drama, the other ModFam kids were in fine form as Alex made it to the prom, Lily made it onstage for her ballet recital, and Haley — believe it or not — got into college. Guess she won’t be moving in with Dylan after all!

Did you see Gloria’s pregnancy coming? Did you kind of want to see Haley move in with Dylan just to watch Claire have a full-fledged panic attack? Start posting your reactions below while the full recap is in the works.

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