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Hip-Hop Squares

Hollywood Squares was never all that complicated, and the stakes never really very high — which is probably why the show ran for so long in so many different iterations. Last night’s premiere of Hip-Hop Squares, MTV2’s version that trades in minor TV stars in favor of rap legends, ran much the same way.

Last night’s panel featured Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Kat Graham, Donnell Rawlings, Tech N9ne, Ghostface Killah, Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, and MGK. As is typical of Squares, some panelists had to simply sit there and look pretty, which was the case with Tech and Rawlings (and Graham only got in on the action in the show’s final round). As for the rest of the group, Fat Joe and Ghostface both acquitted themselves quite nicely, though the evening really belonged to Gambino (which makes sense, considering that he has made most of his bones as an actor and a comedian). Easily the best exchange of last night’s premiere came when host Peter Rosenberg asked about the snatch and the clean and jerk in a filthy-minded inquiry about Olympic weightlifting.

Mac Miller didn’t quite know what to do with himself as the center square — despite a pretty funny bit in the beginning where he and Ghostface swapped boxes, he mostly seemed to want to get his turns over with as fast as possible. And though he was both animated and intoxicated, MGK didn’t have much to offer as far as gags were concerned.

But Hip-Hop Squares was still a wildly entertaining and extremely breezy half hour of comedy, even though the two contestants were the most frustrating people in the universe. It does not speak well for either of their college educations that they got so many questions wrong, and it’s almost inexcusable that Inqu got the final question wrong. How do people not know that Michael Jackson’s “Scream” is the most expensive music video of all time? That just seems like one of those facts that everybody who is even vaguely into pop music would know immediately.

What did you think of Hip-Hop Squares? Were you disappointed that we never got to hear from Tech N9ne? And did you know that “Scream” was the most expensive video ever made? Drop a rhyme in the comments.


Hip-Hop Squares
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