It has become routine: First Facebook changes its format, and then users grumble about leaving the social network site before eventually settling in and accepting it – just in time for a new round of changes.

Facebook has been busy lately: Mark Zuckerberg and Co. may have just completed converting everyone to the new “Timeline” feature, (not to mention a well-publicized IPO on May 18) but they aren’t slowing down. The company in now rolling out a new timeline, currently to just a few select users, that has some subtle changes to the display, including streamlining the ‘Friends’ and ‘Photos’ tabs, as well as changing ‘Likes’ to ‘Favorites.’

Talking Points Memo has pictures of the new look. Facebook has yet to return EW’s request for comment regarding how many user profiles currently have the new timeline, and whether or not this will eventually be the new standard. The new layout appears to add a section ‘Summary’ which will contain the major ‘Life Events’ of the user–graduations, breakups, weddings, etc.

No word yet on whether we’ll finally be getting the oft-requested ‘Dislike’ button to express our feelings.

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