By Hillary Busis
May 23, 2012 at 09:14 PM EDT
Michael Desmond/ABC

The morning after ABC first aired  Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23, I wrote a post that questioned whether Chloe — that titular B, played by Krysten Ritter — was just too mean to be sustainable. “Eventually, watching Chloe scam someone or ruin a life for the zillionth time will feel both tiresome and unpleasant,” I wrote, suggesting that the show’s writers try making her more three-dimensional.

On the eve of Apt. 23‘s first-season finale, I’ve decided that I spoke too soon. In every episode since the pilot, Chloe’s schemes have grown more preposterous — and, as she’s moved from scamming potential roommates to hooking June up with her dad to adopting a kid just so she can have a free personal assistant, the show has gotten funnier. Chloe isn’t malicious: She’s just completely indifferent to everyone else’s needs and feelings. The befuddlement she shows when June confronts her is genuine, and it goes a long way toward keeping Chloe from being a monster. Or, at least, an unlikeable monster.

Still, part of me worries that Apt. 23 might burn itself out.  Can showrunner Nahnatchka Khan’s team continue the escalation? Kevin Sorbo did a guest spot a few weeks ago, and Dean Cain is scheduled to square off against James Van Der Beek tonight — but what happens when Apt. 23 runs out of fallen ’90s TV hunks? If Chloe pulls off a particularly grand plot, will her subsequent efforts feel like let-downs? And considering everything she’s done already, how much creepier can Stalker Robin really get?

I’ve got high hopes for Wednesday night’s Apt. 23 finale — in which June “struggles to keep up with Chloe’s fast-paced lifestyle” according to ABC — as well as its second season. But I also want to let the show know that in the future, it would be okay to dial things back just a smidge. It’d be a shame if the bitch showed all her cards too early.

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