By Jeff Labrecque
Updated May 22, 2012 at 05:40 PM EDT
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Supermodel Bar Refaeli is the hottest woman alive. It’s science. Actually, more reliable than science: It’s a popular vote of Maxim‘s readers. The 26-year-old former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model was named the men’s magazine’s hottest pin-up, displacing last year’s trophy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (who dropped to 11th this year). Click below for the rest of this year’s Top 10, and some commentary on other notables, including the hottest cartoon mom, the hottest athlete, and the hottest late-night TV host.

1. Bar Refaeli (last year: 6)

2. Olivia Munn (2)

3. Mila Kunis (5)

4. Katy Perry (3)

5. Olivia Wilde (15)

6. Jennifer Lawrence (10)

7. Emma Stone (42)

8. Megan Fox (17)

9. Malin Akerman (-)

10. Adrianne Palicki (-)

— Older women can be beautiful, but apparently it’s rare for them to be considered hot — at least by Maxim readers. Jennifer Lopez, 42, was the most senior member of the Hottie Class of 2012… unless you count Stephen Colbert. Where’s Halle Berry, Julie Bowen, or Connie Britton? Heck, Helen Mirren is still hotter then some of these pretty faces. Just saying.

— Of course, Colbert ranked 69th.

— I found it interesting that Maxim readers didn’t really appreciate Kate Upton (No. 39) or Beyoncé (unranked), who were both recently honored on the covers of rival magazines for being supremely gorgeous.

— Can you quickly name the three Oscar nominees that made the list? (No. 6, No. 16, No. 23)

Gisele Bundchen is really not one of the 100 hottest women alive? Really? Really?? Was it that pre-Super Bowl e-mail and post-Super Bowl rant that soured voters? Maxim readers must be passionate Giants fans.

Amanda Knox on the list; Casey Anthony is not. Discuss.

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