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Are we still talking about Lost?! Well, executive producer Damon Lindelof still is. In a lengthy interview with The Verge, Lindelof addressed fan dissatisfaction with the supernatural saga’s polarizing ending in 2010. I’m not entirely sure whether fans are “still disappointed” about the ending, save for the grudge-holding few, but despite the untimeliness of the discussion, Lindelof provides some curious defenses to the interviewer’s extensive questioning about the show’s ending and legacy.

For one, he affirms that he has “no regrets” about the ending; additionally, Lindelof admits that there was a “degree of improvisation” in the writers’ room during the first three seasons, a confession that recalls criticism that the early days of Lost were aimlessly inquisitive (relevant: this SNL sketch). If you’ve got the time, watch Lindelof compare the “new age-y” ending of Lost to Good Will Hunting below:

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