Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Three words: gem-encrusted cheese. No, I’m not talking about the whole DWTS franchise, I’m talking about Donald’s wife’s cheesehead hat! That. Was. Awesome. If Donald doesn’t win the mirrorball, at least he’ll always have the mirrorcheese.” —Jem H, endorsed by Melissa Walker, jmm, orville1970, Fridgedancer, Liz, teachmusik, Lorie, Kristen, Ellen, Lily, chattypatra, joan, Daphne99, NFLRocks, Twickenham, Lady Viola, MLM, Kevin M. Kawa, GemDog

“A new gourmet line from the Gavin DeGraw collection? I wonder if they’re edible…” —WiltedYouth

“Donald Driver’s son holding the bedazzled cheese head, hooting and jumping up and down when Dad finally got his 30!!! Seriously cute kids!!!” —Tricia, endorsed by Stee

“The lights on the stairs behind Brooke made her look like she had shiny antlers.” —Jem H

“Brooke’s blue nails were thoroughly amusing…particularly how they matched the electric blue accents in the ballroom. I couldn’t stop staring every time she moved her hands!” —Sam from Pittsburgh

“Princess Sparkle gave us the official wave at the beginning. (She confirmed via Words with Friends that the wave was meant for me!!)” —Anthony

“The DWTS bartender (Sasha Farber) was a little too serious for Mirrorballus. I shall call him Thoroughly Unamused Bartender.” —Liz, endorsed by Bvonly, WiltedYouth, Trena Kos, Anthony, MLM

“Laughing at Tom Bergeron after William’s cha-cha — he passed in front of the camera in profile, but his head was cut off. Did he do that on purpose for us?” —Tnmiller

“A true gem in passing. Were one of his legendary cue cards exposed to the camera? Tom definitely wanted us gem hunters to catch a glimpse. Maybe one day he’ll write ‘Hi gem hunters!’ on one of them and craftily flash it at the camera at an opportune moment. A gem hunter can dream…” —WiltedYouth

“Are those poinsettias on Katherine’s shoulder pads?” —Lady Viola

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“Of all the judges to be feeling people up, I would not have guessed Len.” —Electronic_Neko

“Spats, shorts, and *gym socks* — I wonder if that’s the Mirrorballus equivalent of the Dad sandals/black socks/shorts combo?” —orville1970, endorsed by MLM

“Mark wouldn’t feel fully dressed without his spats! I suspect he has some for his fuzzy bunny slippers at home at night, too!” —SpeechTeacher89

“Who are the random women clapping for Katherine? This is where I actually miss Idol. They’d definitely label ‘Katherine’s friends.'” —Liz

“When Carrie Ann went to help Donald at the studio, there was a shot of her looking at him like a piece of meat, ready to pounce on that” —Anthony, endorsed by MLM

“Peta dons blue to give us her best impression of Mystique from The X-Men franchise” —Anthony

“Is Peta the new Edyta? No one will ever match up to Lady Legwarmers, but Peta has certainly been giving her a run for her money by keeping the wallets of the costume dept’s staff happy.” —WiltedYouth

“From the side it looked like more like 20 or 30 percent of a dress.” —DonnaW

” I like how the skirt comes to a point, so there’s even less fabric.” —Electronic_Neko

“Emmitt!!!!!” —duranmom

“Whoa, Cheryl’s red dress seems to be see through in the breasticle area!” —JAYBES

“I found myself wondering if I could see Peta’s nipple during her interview with Brooke” —Electronic_Neko, endorsed by Daphne’s Half-Watching Husband

“Ooh, Carrie Ann almost smacked Len with her 10 paddle after he gave Donald a 9.” —DonnaW, endorsed by Neko, chattypatra

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“William’s wiggly tongue!!!” —chicachico

“After William and Cheryl’s Freestyle, a gentleman in the front row can be seen clapping with GLOWING hands!!!! Or it could have been the lights shining on them. It’s hard to tell…” —Anthony

“Awwww I love little Levy in his bowtie.” —Fridgedancer, endorsed by chattypatra, Anthony, MLM, Kevin

“The illuminated Underground sign at the beginning of Katherine and Mark’s freestyle – little shout-out to their UK ties” —Twickenham

“Of course, the microphone has a feather boa!” —DonnaW

“Mark’s white mic cord came undone after his and Katherine’s freestyle dance and it looked like he was tied to the floor while they were talking to BBC” —SSC (Sexy Senior Citizen), endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa

“I thought it was something from his jacket but he’s obviously just a pull string dancebot.” —Amanda, endorsed by Daphne99, chicachico, jmm

“Little Driver dancing/bopping his head in the corner before a commercial break” —id

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“What on earth was the baggy diaper look Donald was sporting during rehearsals?” —orville1970, endorsed by Ellen, Jem H, Kevin

The Power of Positive Thinking by Donald Driver (dedicated to Len Goodman): every yard line on the floor during his freestyle was a 10.” —MLM, endorsed by Lady Viola

“Carrie Ann was so excited about Donald and Peta’s Freestyle that she jumped up on the judges’ desk and fist-pumped. With both fists.” —Trena Kos, endorsed by Anthony, MLM, Kevin

“Len dazed and confused after loosing his pen! It was like when Thelma loses her glasses! Jinkies!” —gigi, endorsed by chicachico, WiltedYouth, MLM, Lin

“Peta’s ironically exposed hidden gem of a belly ring, surrounded by a sea of rock-hard, spray-tanned abs!!!” —Mee Dee

LEN TEN: “A hidden gem no more!” —WiltedYouth


“At one point with the lighting, all you could see was their heads and arms, red for their torso and one little yellow light between their legs. With the lights reflecting off the audiences’ faces, it looked like they were a sacrifice to the dance gods and the audience was watching the bonfire of glitter. ” —Daphne99

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous season of gems!

Watch below for a special shout-out from Tom Bergeron at the very end of our video interview from May 8. He loves us almost as much as we love him! Tom really “gets it” — gem-wise and in all other facets of life.


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