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Awww. Don’t these two cuties look like they’re going to a very casual prom? Well they’re NOT. They are vicious enemies!

Philip Phillips, 21, and Jessica Sanchez, 16, will battle it out on tonight’s performance finale of American Idol. See my pick to win — and name yours, below.



. Here’s how I think it’ll go.

No matter how the votes shake out, Jessica will end up “winning the night” tonight. After last week’s poor song choices — “My All,” “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” and to an extent, “I’ll Be There” — Jessica is poised for a comeback performance-wise. She’ll have at least one huge moment with a perfectly chosen song. The producers are counting on this. She will not fail. I just don’t think she’ll win.

This season has always been Phillip’s to lose and I don’t see it happening, barring a MAJOR error like singing all the wrong lyrics, stopping a song midway through, or accidentally admitting “I don’t really want to win.” Well…actually, he might be able to get away with that last one. Sad. True.

It’s all a matter of taste at this point — and who’s voting tonight. Jessica may have had the better season overall, but I don’t see her beating the ever-popular Phillip.


2. Jessica Sanchez

1. Phillip Phillips

You make the call. Who has the better chance of winning: Jessica or Phillip?

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