May 21, 2012 at 04:05 PM EDT

Saturday Night Live released its third “Kings of Catchphrase Comedy” sketch, which was supposed to air this weekend. It’s pretty obvious why it didn’t make the cut: Not enough Wiig! SNL spent most of its finale bidding a fond farewell to Kristen Wiig after seven years, and, though her few seconds as Triangle Sally in the cut skit were awesome, they were too paltry to merit inclusion. Watch the unaired sketch below.

There are some genuinely funny bits in this “Kings” bit: Boston Powers (Seth Meyers), the sight of Nasim Pedrad playing a harp, and Jay Pharoah’s off-the-wall/out-the-‘hood Black Joker, to name a few. Also, musical guest Dave Grohl got saucy with props, and host Mick Jagger poked fun at his accent for the millionth time on Saturday. But what about Bobby Moynihan’s Slappy Pappy? This recurring character has been about as baffling as Wiig’s own Gilly. Speaking of whom, all I can say to those SNL players who didn’t get their chance to shine this week because of the Wiig-stravaganza is, “Sorry!”

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