By Sandra Gonzalez
May 21, 2012 at 08:42 PM EDT
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Chances are, someone is going to die tonight on House.

Unless you’re a spoiler-phobe who has been avoiding the interwebs for the last month and a half, you’ve probably seen that a bunch of characters from House seasons past are returning in tonight’s finale. Jennifer Morrison, Amber Tamblyn and Kal Penn are among those returning. Penn’s rumored appearance, specifically, launched fans into a speculation frenzy because Kutner is, well, dead. And the consensus is that someone will bite it in tonight’s episode.

The obvious choice — should there be a casualty at all — is cancer-stricken Wilson, who has five months to live — one month less than the time that House stands to spend in jail for vandalizing the hospital last week. But when was the last time House writers took the obvious route?

That makes the frontrunner Dr. Cranky himself. As I mentioned, he’s facing jail time and is preparing to lose his only friend in the world. I’m inclined to side with the viewers who argue that death would be the only fitting ending for his character. I can’t see House living in a world without Wilson — at least, not for long. His predisposition to self-destructive behaviors would simply not allow him to do so. But I also have a hard time imagining a death that would seem organic. House + suicide? Nah. House OD? Meh. Wilson and House go out Thelma & Louise style? Well, actually, I wouldn’t be totally disappointed with that.

The only thing likely here is that there’s not going to be a happy ending for everyone. (Although, maybe Ghost Kutner appears to talk someone out of doing something bad, and we all live happily ever after. Also, I write terrible endings.) Frankly, as long as the end is true to the characters, I’ll be a happy — but also a terribly depressed — camper.

We’ll find out for sure tonight, but in the meantime, I’ll throw this to you. Do you want to see House die in tonight’s series finale?

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