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The Grimm season finale slayed the competition in ratings on Friday night with a finale that contained reveals (Nick told Juliette the truth) and twists (Nick’s mom’s alive!).

What you may not know? How long some of those big moments have been sitting in the brains of executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt. In a chat with EW earlier today, the two chatted about the finale’s twists and turns and tease a little bit about what’s to come. (Don’t worry about spoilers, though. As you’ll read, the pair almost make a sport of teasing!)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me about the decision to reveal Nick’s (David Giuntoli) mom at the end of the season.

JIM KOUF: We kind of had that idea from the very beginning.

DAVID GREENWALT: From the very beginning, Jim and I had the idea that one of the parents would be alive, and we thought it would be more interesting for the mom to be alive. So we kind of had that in our pocket pretty much the whole time, knowing that at some crucial point she might appear in his life.

Her appearance also raises the question, which some fans have asked, of Nick’s Grimm-ness. If she’s alive, then why did he become a Grimm after his aunt died? Is that something we’ll address next season?

Greenwalt: Could be. You’ll get more.

Jumping to Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch). Tell me about leaving her off where we did, with the cat-scratch and now weird black eyes.

Greenwalt: I think we were thinking of that for quite a while, too.

Kouf: There were a few things that David and I knew we wanted to do from the get-go if we got 22 episodes.

Greenwalt: Doing that to Juliette was definitely one of them. And we thought it’d be fun to have more than one — if I can use the expression — cliffhangery beats in the final episode. We thought it’d be fun to have Nick getting all kinds of pressure from all different directions.

I also loved how you did a give-and-take with Juliette. While we did have a cliffhanger, we also had the satisfaction of knowing she’s now in on Nick’s secret.

Greenwalt: We just knew that at some point Nick had to come clean with her because it was putting too much pressure on the relationship. It’s almost like when one is having an affair — certainly nobody in this room — it makes the other person crazy. It makes them feel like there is this lie is going on in the relationship and she’s been feeling something all along. Also, her life was at stake. If Adalind (Claire Coffee) had something to do with it, God knows what it could be. So he felt really strongly that the only way to get her to a doctor was to tell her the truth, and then of course she thinks he’s crazy.

He definitely had no choice, but what about with Hank (Russell Hornsby), who is a little traumatized. Might he be put in a situation where he has to relieve him by telling him the truth?

Kouf: Poor Hank.

Greenwalt: Poor Hank is suffering.

Kouf: What’s going to happen to him?

You tell me about Hank in the second season.

Kouf: You’ll see him take a big, important journey.

Greenwalt: And it’s going to get worst before it gets better.

NEXT: Answers coming about Capt. Renard?

I, personally, can’t wait to see what Nick does to Adalind.

Greenwalt: He may or may not go forward with Adalind, depending on what happens with Juliette. He’s got bigger fish to fry than revenge right now.

Kouf: She’s gone. She’s disappeared.

Greenwalt: Yes, she’s off the grid, too.

We didn’t get too much info on Renard (Sasha Roiz) in the finale. Second season?

Kouf: you’ll have to stay tuned for that one.

Greenwalt: Stay tuned, but questions will be answered and they’ll be answered sooner rather than later.

At what point did you find out about renewal? And did that help you decide that you wanted to reveal in the finale?

Greenwalt: At thirteen, we felt like we’d get a pick-up, but if we didn’t get a pick-up, then 13 was going to be our swan song, with the Hilter as a Blutbad. We had planned into the back 9 if we got them. And when we got it, we wanted to do all those things we had planned, many from the very beginning.

Going into a second season with a 22 episode order, is it exciting knowing you have all that to play with?

Greenwalt: I think the word you’re looking for is daunting.

Kouf: Or terrifying.

Greenwalt: Daunting and terrifying.

Kouf: It’s actually weird. All these ideas we’ve done in the first season, we actually talked about when we did the pilot. It was all about, if we got the series, we’d do this and that. So we actually threw out a lot of those ideas way back before we had a series.

Greenwalt: And we had so much there were certain things that have gone into season 2 that we were going to do in season 1. We ultimately felt like it was too much. We still want the series to be imminently watch-able. We don’t want [new viewers] to feel like they have to know all this information to watch the show. That’s something we’d really love to communicate. It’s still a show where a crime is solved every week, and you can watch it. But if you know all these details, you’re getting a richer meal.

What’s that balance going to look like in season 2?

Greenwalt: We’re going to do everything. We’re going to have more mythology and continue standalone episodes so that a new viewer can come and enjoy the new show.

Kouf: And the mythology you know based on season, it will get deeper.

When do you head back into the writer’s room?

Greenwalt: We never left!

Kouf: There was no hiatus.

Grenwalt: We’re doing a marathon instead of a sprint. You get to the final few at the end of the season, and it’s such a great feeling, we just kept going.

[Ed note: Production resumed May 30 in Portland, Ore. New episodes return in August.]

So, since you know, what’s the season 2 theme?

Greenwalt: The theme is a really good and big theme.

Kouf: [Laughs]

Greenwalt: It’s a defined theme. No. Year one was about Nick discovering his power and coming to grips with it and becoming a better fighter and facing more daunting villains. And year two will be about him really coming to grips with–

Kouf: the people around him who are really beginning to unravel what he’s going through. And there will be more exploration of the mysteries–

Greenwalt: and of the history a little more. Also, there will be a deepening of all the relationships.

Mom will definitely help a bit with the history part.

Greenwalt: She could know something.

Moms usually do.

Kouf: Mom’s always do.

Greenwalt: But she’s not a normal mom.

Need to catch up on Grimm? Watch encore episodes twice a week through the summer, starting on May 25. Then every week on Tuesdays after America’s Got Talent.

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