A video surfaced Friday of The Amazing Spider-Man costars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone doing a bizarre musical promo for their film, complete with a German exclamation at the end. When asked by Vulture about the ignominious 14 seconds, Garfield marveled, “Is that online? That’s hilarious!” Below, watch the original sing-a-wrong and find out exactly what was going through Garfield and Stone’s heads to inspire the weirdness.

“That was just me and Emma taking the piss,” Garfield said. “We were given these things to do for different stations and websites, and we said, ‘This one doesn’t make sense.’ We can’t say, ‘This is so amazing,’ so we sang it to make fun of it, and we didn’t even think they would use it. We were so hyper and we had just gotten our second wind, so we were being just completely stupid and ridiculous.”

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in the U.S. July 3.

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