I’m guessing that most of you didn’t see the teaser for Anchorman 2 that played in front of The Dictator, since, well, most of you didn’t see The Dictator. Luckily for you, the teaser has now hit the internet. Although it doesn’t reveal even the slightest indication of the sequel’s plot — since, well, they haven’t even started filming yet — it reunites the whole Channel 4 News Team. Anchorman Ron Burgundy; field reporter Brian Fontana; sportscaster Champ Kind; and mentally challenged weatherman Brick Tamland. It’s hard not to get a charge watching these guys back together — especially because, in the near-decade since Anchorman hit theaters, two of the actors have gone to become comedy supergods and Paul Rudd has become The Paul Rudd. Watch the teaser below:

Like that? Well bust this: There’s a different teaser making the rounds intended for foreign audiences, which is just a little bit racier. Click to the next page to watch the international, somewhat NSFW teaser.

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