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LOVEY-DOVEY 'IDOL' The charming Idol alum turns in a sophomore album that goes heavy on the sensitive love ditties
Credit: LeAnn Mueller

Thank You Camellia

In the three years since winning American Idol, Kris Allen may not have exactly burned up the charts, but don’t expect him to feel down about it. On this irrepressibly buoyant sophomore set, he’s too busy heaping love on everyone else to worry about himself. When Allen’s not pining after his sweetheart on devoted ditties like ”Better With You” and ”Blindfolded,” he’s offering sweet moments of hope to the downtrodden on lead single ”The Vision of Love.” ”Someone tell this girl she’s beautiful,” he pleads for a forlorn teen whose ”makeup hides her face.” Sure, his sensitive anthems sound downright Amish next to sexier sizzlers on the Hot 100, but Allen delivers his lyrics with an earnest confidence (and occasional swagger) that keeps his songs from becoming treacly, and makes Thank You Camellia a cohesive, warmhearted charmer. B+

Best Tracks:
Swooning Better With You
Whistle-happy My Weakness

Thank You Camellia
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