By Stephan Lee
Updated May 18, 2012 at 08:09 PM EDT

The 2005 publication of Jarhead changed author and former sniper Anthony Swofford’s life. The Gulf War memoir became a best-seller and inspired a film adaptation starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Swofford’s follow-up memoir, Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails (out June 5), examines his life after war and his complicated relationship with his family. He may have left the battlefield, but his story doesn’t get any less harrowing — Swofford recounts nights of excess and sexual conquest, visits with injured war veterans, and a near-fatal car crash. He also explores his difficult relationship with his father, a philandering, once hard-drinking, now terminally ill Vietnam veteran.

EW has the first look at the trailer and prologue of Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails. Check them out below: