Craving more pregnancy movies after ''What to Expect When You're Expecting''? Here are five of our favorites

By Chris Nashawaty
Updated May 18, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

She's Having a Baby

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The Miracle on Morgan’s Creek (1944)

In an era when onscreen couples had to sleep in separate beds and any hint of hanky-panky was taboo, director Preston Sturges somehow slipped this wicked satire past the Production Code. As American GIs head off to war, Betty Hutton’s patriotic Trudy Kockenlocker plans to kiss the boys goodbye, but ends up doing a bit more than that: She gets drunk and winds up pregnant with sextuplets! A racy comedy masterpiece. A

She’s Having a Baby (1988)

What happens when John Hughes’ teens become adults? They get married, have kids, and wrestle with turning into yuppies…as Kate Bush plays on the soundtrack. Hughes directed Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern in this poignant glimpse at the post-Clearasil years. While it’s a tad sappy, it sure goes down easy. B

Junior (1994)

What’s more preposterous: Arnold Schwarzenegger getting pregnant or playing a brilliant scientist in Ivan Reitman’s so-stupid-it’s-awesome comedy? Let’s be real, Ah-nuld as a he-man with a bun in the oven shouldn’t work, but it does. Emma Thompson as his befuddled doctor lends the proceedings a touch of class. But just a touch. B

Juno (2007)

Ellen Page, armed with screenwriter Diablo Cody’s quick-fire hipster quips, gives a thousand-watt performance as a teen ”cautionary whale” conflicted about putting up her baby for adoption. Beneath all the smart-ass sarcasm, Jason Reitman’s comedy is surprisingly heartfelt and and honest. B+

Knocked Up (2007)

A drunken one-night stand turns into a prison sentence for Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen. Director Judd Apatow pulls off the impossible: He delivers lowbrow laughs while saying something high-minded. Namely, you can kick and scream all you want, but parenthood forces even the schlubbiest man-child to grow up. A-

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She's Having a Baby

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