By Michelle Profis
Updated May 18, 2012 at 09:56 PM EDT

Here at EW, we care what you have to say. We really, really do. Hidden among the scores of comments are flashes of genius. Small gems of brilliance, if you will. To recognize our faithful commenters, we’ve scoured your remarks and compiled our favorites from this week. So keep commenting away, readers! You might see yours here.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: Four Score and Several Tears (May 14, 2012)

by Annie Barrett

Bettyski | 3 days ago

I’m so glad that I am not the only one who hated that jive. It wasn’t a jive at all. Even my husband looked up from his crossword puzzle (he likes to pretend he doesn’t like to watch the show) and said what dance are they supposed to be doing. I told him the jive and he asked “isn’t the jive supposed to be a fast dance?” If anyone but Derek had performed that dance they would’ve been crucified by the judges.

Channing Tatum on ‘Magic Mike’ manscaping, plus exclusive video from our cover shoot (May 17, 2012)

by Adam Markovitz

Kendall_ann_allen | 11 hours ago

This is the hottest thing I’ve ever read.

myangeldust | 10 hours ago

I hope they have an alternate cover for this week. That mail lady is gonna start looking at me all weird.

‘Annie’ on Broadway: Meet the orphans! — EXCLUSIVE (May 15, 2012)

by Marc Snetiker

TWINSMOM7 | 2 days ago


Teisha Perry | 2 days ago

Congratulations Tyrah hard work pay off, I knew you was going to make it Big, now bring the house down. We wish you nothing but the best and keep reaching for the stars from your friends Jakayla, Ramiyah, and Teisha….

Snooki’s new novel ‘Gorilla Beach’: I read it so you don’t have to! (May 15, 2012)

by Breia Brissey

RavensCoven | 1 day ago

A moment of silence for the trees that died for this……….

‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Get ready for my favorite picture ever and a truly bizarre finale entrance by Donald Trump — EXCLUSIVE PHOTO (May 17, 2012)

By Dalton Ross

UGH | 23 hours ago

I thought for sure we were going to see Aubrey’s unpixilized breasts.

First video: The CW’s ‘Arrow,’ ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ more (May 17, 2012)

by James Hibberd

DeanD | 23 hours ago

Break me off a piece of Arrow please.

Editor’s Note: Stephen Amell was in the office this week, and trust us. You want more than a piece.

Conan rehashes ‘Tonight Show’ ‘mix-up’; Letterman calls Leno ‘a bit of a brat’ (May 18, 2012)

by Jeff Labrecque

Anne | 2 hours ago

Good grief, these two need to LET IT GO and MOVE ON! It took me less time to get over my divorce!

‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ trailer: Kanye Kardashian? (May 17, 2012)

by Darren Franich

Babyinastraightjacket | 1 day ago

Franich, I usually hate Kardashian coverage but your Kardashian posts are always 100% hysterically funny. I hope you “recap” this season of Kardashian awfulness. I don’t even watch the show, i just read your stuff about it and am 10000% more entertained by you than I would ever be by the Kardashians.

“…while tracking the tale of an attractive alien girl-robot who falls into an arranged marriage with a basketball player named Frankenstein. Eventually, the girl-robot leaves her husband for a dashing young shoemaker named Kanye”

Darren responds: I don’t think I can recap another season of the Kardashians without going insane. My brain barely survived last season of “Kourtney & Kim-Kim Kannibalize Kroatia.” However, my editors don’t care about my sanity, so stay tuned for further developments.

What is the cast of ‘The Avengers’ really worth? (May 16, 2012)

by Adam B. Vary

iki | 1 day ago

Considering we probably wouldn’t have gotten an Avengers movie if Iron Man hadn’t done so well, I say Robert Downey Jr is worth every penny. Not all superhero movies succeed, and he took a chance on a potentially questionable one. Plus be obviously made some smart business decisions along the way.

If anything, Joss Whedon and the special effects might be worth the most of all!

42 | 23 hours ago

Joss Whedon? PLEASE!!! The Wachowski’s… no ANYONE could’ve directed this movie. If Woody Allen would learn to film an action sequence HE could’ve followed the recipe on this one. Two parts Iron Man, one part Thor, one part Captain America. A pinch of Hulk. A dash of Hawkeye, splash of Fury, season to taste with Black Widow (thank you ScarJo’s boobs) bake under CGI for 2 and a half hours and BOOM! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the Avengers. I’ve seen it eight times already but I wouldn’t give Whedon too much credit.

Kim Kardashian’s brilliant IMDB bio: ‘Kim Kardashian is emblematic of the shallowness of American culture’ (May 15, 2012)

by Darren Franich

Apebanana | 2 days ago

KK is the black hole of loss of morality in USA. When people like KK roam the earth, it means that the end days are here. She is the modern day equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Leah Harris | 2 days ago

This is the happiest I’ve seen the commenters on the Kardashian clan stories..

‘Missing’ series finale: How it ended (Sean Bean lives!) (May 18, 2012)

by Mandi Bierly

Melissa | 2 hours ago

I didn’t watch this show, but hooray for Sean Bean finally living through something!

Skechers Shape-ups won’t make you look like Kim Kardashian after all (May 17, 2012)

by Hillary Busis

Smerch | 1 day ago

Why would I want a pair of shoes “to look like Kim”, I’d BURN the damned things.

Dawjohnson1 | 1 day ago

If you’re so hot that you don’t need to settle for looking like Kim, call me maybe?

Tyra Banks takes a stand against too-thin models — VIDEO (May 17, 2012)

by Lanford Beard

Nshu | 1 day ago

Tyra also took the time during this interview to introduce one of her ”hip” new words, ”flawsome”, combining the words ”floss” and ”awesome”. Isn’t she so very clever??? Tyra please go somewhere, sit your corny behind down, and shut up. Thanks!