Five things ''Sling Blade'' star Billy Bob Thornton really doesn't like, as revealed in his new, entertainingly splenetic memoir, ''The Billy Bob Tapes,'' which he co-wrote with Kinky Friedman

By Clark Collis
Updated May 18, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT


”What needs to happen is that we’ve got to get people who are sitting on their asses watching ”Attack of Spartacus” or whatever the hell that show is off their asses and get them to go out to see movies again.”

Tater Tots

”I can’t say the word, I have to spell it. It just bugs me that they’d name something that.”

The Grammys

”I’ll never get a Grammy, I’ll promise you that. I’ll guarantee you that. Not that I want one. I’d probably melt it down and fix my f—ing carburetor with it.”

Komodo dragons

”I just don’t see any reason to have them on the planet.”


”This Twittering s— has really got to stop.”