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May 18, 2012 at 04:15 AM EDT

Well, PopWatchers, “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” was the finale to 30 Rock‘s penultimate season. Yup, season 7 will be the series’ last. And in terms of season finales, I have to say the season 6 ender was a little underwhelming. But at least they’ve now primed us for where things (might) be headed come fall. Will Liz and Criss have a baby? Will Jack become the supreme leader of KableTown? Will Kenneth…who cares what Kenneth does! But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Liz and Criss continued their discussion about possibly having a plant baby together. Criss was particularly worried that Liz would bail on him. “You know what kind of women in their 40s have never been married, Liz? Uggos, crazies, and bailers. You’re not an uggo. And you’re haha crazy, not oh boy crazy, which means you bail!” So Criss set out to make enough money to pay for their apartment renovations. And when his hot dog business didn’t deliver, he sold his van, Van Der Beek. That’s true love.

Meanwhile, Jack and Avery decided to renew their vows. The ceremony seemed to only mask their real problems: Avery still hadn’t forgiven Jack for kissing her mom. And Jack was mad that Avery had had an emotional affair — facilitated by a hand-tapping secret code — with her fellow North Korean prisoner, Scott. So their vow renewal, officiated by Liz, turned into a divorce ceremony. Those two finally quit something: each other.

Tracy and Jenna were mostly MIA for the duration of the episode — although we did learn that Tracy’s new role model is Tyler Perry. Unfortunately, their absence meant there was time for the return of my least favorite character, Hazel. Kenneth wasn’t re-accepted into the page program, but even in his sadness he offered to let the homeless Hazel stay with him. Then it was revealed that Hazel sabotaged his application. All of this resulted in something that I will never be able to un-see. Hazel admitted her love for Kenneth and then they kissed. My eyes! My eyes!

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