Nicki Minaj

Considering how bipolar her latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is, it makes sense that Nicki Minaj’s singles would slingshot between hardcore (“Stupid Hoe,” “Beez in the Trap”) and super-slick pop (“Starships”).

“Right By My Side,” her latest single and video venture, falls squarely in the latter category, and the clip itself is a pretty bland love story between Nicki and guest star Nas (who does not actually rap on the song). There’s also plenty of refreshing Pepsi and a guest spot from hook singer Chris Brown, whose comeback was recently rejected by Liz Lemon.

Check out the video below, if only to get a look at Nas’ cool glasses.

Minaj should know that getting romantically involved with Nas is a bad idea, as usually everybody ends up poor.

It’s a pretty straightforward video about wanting your man by your side, but that last shot is confusing. Why does Minaj look at the camera like that? Does Nas’ embrace suddenly bother her? Is she having a psychotic break? The next shot is of a full moon—is Minaj turning into a werewolf, and are we to assume that Nas cannot love a werewolf?

What do you think of Nicki’s new video — and what’s your stance on Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘s pop turns?