By Sandra Gonzalez
May 17, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Grey’s Anatomy didn’t waste much time making good on that promise to kill a well-loved member of the gang. In fact, it came about 20 minutes into the hour. And the 40 minutes that followed? Possibly the most anxiety-ridden moments of my television life.

Read on for more if you’ve seen the episode: [Spoilers below!]

Here’s the rundown: Lexie died in the plane crash but not before sharing an emotional goodbye with Mark, who by the end of the episode was near death himself. Derek possibly ruined his hand forever after he had to mangle himself to get free after being trapped under debris. Arizona injured her leg badly and was coughing up blood — status: TBD. Meredith got stabbed in the leg and had a head injury but was stable enough to help others. And Cristina hurt her arm. Oh, she also lost her shoe — but she found it. Truly, that was one of the brightest spots of the episode.

Well, that and Bailey getting engaged to her boyfriend Ben. Yup, while part of the gang was at the crash site, everyone at the hospital had no idea what was going on. I both hated and was thankful for every cut-away back to the hospital. Hated it because it took us away from the crash site; thankful for the same reason.

But now we step away from the crash site for three months. Yup, nothing was really resolved with the crash docs and, as of the end of the episode, help is NOT on the way.

All I can say is this: Hopefully I will have resumed breathing by the time September rolls around.

REMINDER: Come back later for Tanner Stransky’s full recap of the ep!

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