By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated May 17, 2012 at 05:50 PM EDT
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Fans know that Gossip Girl will return for its final season next year, but exactly how many episodes is still being debated, CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters today after the network’s Upfront presentation in New York.

“I haven’t announced anything yet,” he says. “Our goal is to run it in the fall and end it in the fall. We will make a determination on how best to do that [later].” The episode order, which was previously reported as being 11, will depend greatly on the time frame needed, he added. “[The creators] have been great in terms of helping us determine.”

Pedowitz also said the farewell could also include a retrospective. “I’m a big believer that shows that have lasted a long time and shows that have have iconic roles on network should be give closure to the fans in a way that makes sense,” he said.

On the red carpet, executive producer Josh Schwartz seemed keen on the idea of a short final season order, saying, “It’s season 6. A lot of stories have been told. We celebrated our 100th episode this year and all you want is the opportunity to bring the show to a close in a way that’s satisfying for fans. Eleven episodes is the perfect amount, actually,” he said.

Meanwhile, fellow executive producer Stephanie Savage is most looking forward to wrapping up some of the show’s long-running storylines, like the Chuck and Blair saga. “The end of the finale was definitely an import moment for them and that’s something we’re going to build of of in season 6,” she said. “It’s definite bittersweet that the show is coming to an end but it’s also a very exciting storytelling opportunity to know that the choices we make are really going to matter to bring everything to fruition.”


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