By Lynette Rice
May 17, 2012 at 02:22 PM EDT

Good — and kinda not so good — news for the cast of Cougar Town: Though the show earned a 15-episode pickup from TBS for 2013, the former ABC comedy will lose Bill Lawrence as its showrunner in the process.

Lawrence has a deal with Warner Bros. TV and, as a result, is expected to develop new shows for the studio, so Cougar Town will go on the hunt for a new head writer to oversee the show’s run on TBS. Lawrence, however, will remain an executive producer on the show.

But fear not, fans! Lawrence went out of his way to calm his many followers on Twitter yesterday by first reminding them to “chill” and then saying how he and co-creator Kevin Biegel “currently have shows, so we will both work on CT.” He also added that, “if we do get shizz going, we need great guy in place.”

Later, Lawrence said, “My wife is on the show – you think she’ll let me disappear?  Please.  Not like SCRUBS 9 (when had other show to run).  Kev and I are in…” He is married to Christa Miller, who plays Ellie.

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