By Annie Barrett
Updated May 16, 2012 at 10:05 PM EDT

Fox will not comment, but according to E!, American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez will call it quits after her second season reigning over the tiny teens. She’s had one-year contracts for seasons 10 and 11. Ms. Lo is just too busy! She’s launching a mega tour with Enrique Iglesias this summer in Latin America and the U.S. with plans to go worldwide in the fall, so she’ll be overseas when Idol auditions kick in for season 12.

Plus, she probably wants to spend some time being a mom — being on American Idol has made her so disoriented about her own parental role in this universe that she’s taken to calling all female contestants “Mama.” She’s the mama!

Anyway, this is just a rumor for now. If I had to guess, the bottom line of J. Lo’s decision to leave will be because she wants to DANCE AGAIN.

Get it, Mama!

Who do you think should replace J. Lo on the judging panel? My gypsy Stevie Nicks? Jimmy Iovine a.k.a. Sebastian the Crab? Or is he disqualified already for not being pretty enough? What about Shania Twain? Gwen Stefani? Alanis Morissette? Mary J. Blige? A tiny teen?

The only criteria to replace J. Lo, really, is that the new front-and-center ladyjudge MUST 1) tell the contestants how beautiful they look after mediocre performances; 2) pretend to cry on a regular basis; 3) dress like a slutty yet elegant fembot. These are J. Lo’s greatest contribution to the series and it will suffer without them.

Leave your suggestions below!

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