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According to the just-released Forbes 2012 Celebrity 100 List, Jenny from the Block is back. She handily defeated Lady Gaga, last year's No. 1, as well as Oprah Winfrey (No. 2), Britney Spears (No. 6), and Steven Spielberg (No. 10). Lopez's resurgence can be credited to her gig as a judge on American Idol, as well as her Kohl's clothing line, her top-selling fragrances, her endorsement deals with L'Oreal and Gillette, and the two movies she has coming out this year.

Unlike Forbes' other rankings, the Celebrity 100 isn't all about the Benjamins; the magazine takes overall fame and Internet notoriety into account as well. And though Lopez's earnings are less than Winfrey's or Spielberg's ($52 million vs. $165 million and $130 million, respectively), her enormous visibility and social media presence helped the multi-hyphenate snag the list's top spot.

Pop musicians dominate the list's top 10: In addition to Lopez, Gaga, and Spears appearing, Justin Bieber is No. 3, Rihanna is No. 4, and Katy Perry is No. 8. Tom Cruise squeaked in at No. 9, thanks to Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol and Kim Kardashian ranks No. 7, thanks to her retail collections and the $30 million deal her family signed with E! So cheer up, Kim — it's not all bad!

Other Celebrity 100 tidbits: Khloe Kardashian ranks 73, but Kourtney didn't make the kut. Ashton Kutcher makes his debut at No. 51, thanks to his Two and a Half Men payday and his tech investments. Taylor Swift just missed being ranked among the top 10 (she's No. 11). At No. 12, Tiger Woods is the highest-ranked athlete, while Rush Limbaugh is the highest ranked political personality at No. 19. (Limbaugh earned $69 million last year. Don't tell your liberal aunt.) And Emmy winner/Oscar nominee/EW cover star Melissa McCarthy also makes her debut on the list this year, ranking No. 99 with a $6 million payday. Maybe our girl will move up after the countless projects she's been working on since Bridesmaids.

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