By Clark Collis
May 16, 2012 at 06:59 PM EDT

Some people regard 3D as the future of cinema. And some think its only useful purpose is to enhance the kind of low budget horror movie in which people say things like, “There’s a twelve foot great white shark in here!” Those of the latter persuasion are unlikely to change their view any after seeing the new red band trailer for the Australian movie Bait 3D, not least because someone actually does say, “There’s a twelve foot great white shark in here!”

Who is responsible for what appears to be a gloriously shlock-tastic fusion of Jaws and The Mist? The credit for the film must in large part go to cowriter Russell Mulcahy, who most recently helped oversee MTV’s Teen Wolf but back in the day directed cult classic monster-pig flick Razor Back (for more on which I would encourage you to check out the terrific Ozploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood).

Bait 3D, whose stars include Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck, doesn’t seem to have a release date as yet — but check out the not un-gruesome trailer and tell us what you think.

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