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Welcome back to another round of’s American Idol Power List — in which I attempt to predict how America will vote for the finalists of Tiny Teens and you disagree with me and post your own ranking, and it’s okay because none of us plebes are fortune-tellers and the only being who knows exactly what will happen is celestial mouthpiece Ryan Seacrest.

Tonight the Top 3 sing three rounds: Judges’ Choice, Jimmy’s Choice, and Their Choice. It’s all up for grabs, much like J. Lo’s booty in “Dance Again.” Read through my list, then leave your own ranking in the comments….




. I don’t even know anymore. I feel weird ranking my current fave in last place. What else is new?

3. Joshua Ledet: As incredible as “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” was, I get the sense that the judges are still more excited about Joshua Ledet than America is. Which is weird, because performance-wise he is by far the most exciting of the top 3. A finale without him would be much less lively than one with him. But it’s about to happen.

2. Jessica Sanchez: “And I Am Telling You” was a triumph, but it may have been her peak. This girl is a damn fine singer and a killer mimic. The bottom line for me (for you?) is that Jessica doesn’t yet come across as someone with her own point of view. She can definitely be molded into a successful teen artist, but I don’t think she’ll win this televised popularity contest.

1. Phillip Phillips: He’s still never been in the bottom three and last week’s “Volcano” proved he deserves to be in this top trio. A lot of people resent that he can’t sing big melodies. Maybe some voters like a pretty face. Others may be drawn to his distinctive, radio-ready tone and jam-band vibe. It’s not all about singing; never was.

Everyone loves to make a list. Do it!

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